Autumn has arrived!!

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Polesden Lacey 20.10.2012

The Last Flower Standing

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Here is the last Amaryllis standing.
We planted a bulb in a flower pot in October last year after being given a gift from friend.
It produced beautiful flowers from Christmas to February.
When the second bunch of flowers came into bloom the stem couldn’t cope with the weight of the flowers and snapped!
So, we put the damaged stem in a vase as the stem had 3 flower heads.
We were wondering if those flowers would survive, but they kept flowering and we saw the very last one come to full bloom.
Six very large flowers came from the one bulb.
We thought the last bloom wouldn’t be in such a good condition, but it showed us its full beauty even though it had become separated from the bulb.


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potato heart

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I found a little heart in a bag of new potatoes 🙂

beautiful Japan

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Please click the image to watch the video “beautiful Japan”

I took this when I went back to Japan in the Summer of 2007. It is a little reminder of the beauty of my country. I pray that all the people who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 find comfort.


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tulip ring

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waiting for Spring

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Happy Christmas everyone!

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